AJ Tatum

A Self Taught Techie

Hi, my name is AJ Tatum and I’m the founder of Tatum Digital Agency. It’s no secret that I am passionate about technology. You can probably find me dabbling in some kind of tech. Helping people and businesses use technology to level up is what I do best.

Over the years, I’ve done everything from owning a business to working with startups to creating small and large scale websites.

As a techie and someone who enjoys marketing, I’m passionate about using technology for increased creativity, new possibilities, and new ways of thinking.

I'm a Technologist at heart

I am a technologist and can assist you in almost any technological field.

I’ve spent years refining my skill-sets into fine points in many different areas. These finely sharpened points may not be very deep, mind you, but they sharp!

I admit it, I’m truly the “jack of all trades, master of none” type.

Hands with Benefits
  • I have a diverse set of skills which enables me to create solutions that connect technology to people and businesses.
  • I am strategy oriented. I begin by developing a clear roadmap before I begin working on technological & digital solutions.
  • I am passionate about solving problems and have a general curiosity. I’m not afraid of problems; I look at them as opportunities for solutions.
  • I believe technology is about humans. A job well done is when the solution truly helps people and businesses.
  • I maintain a positive, helpful mindset.

Short Bio

I started developing websites since 1996 with FinHeaven.com and just can’t give it up. I’ve worked with startups and large organizations, so I have a pretty well rounded knowledge of different technologies, business development, and marketing.

Development Life

I am a self-taught developer and my favorite coding language is C#. I love refactoring code to make it more efficient, testable, and scalable. I’m a big fan of finding ways to make processes smoother with DevOps.

Other Technologies

I am definitely a tinker, hacker, and gadget hoarder. I like to stay on top of technologies ranging from computers, mobile devices, networking, cloud computing, and machine learning.

100% Human

Proven to be an effective and efficient intermediary between technical team members, upper management, and end users to provide accurate requirement documentations, time lines, and overall project status

Team Oriented

Proven ability to work independently or cooperatively as a part of a team to meet project deadlines

Staying Curious

Able to easily gain new skills, ask the right questions, and apply knowledge to work efficiently and effectively

Education & Certifications

  • I studied Advertising at the University of Florida from 2005 – 2008 and maintained a 3.26 GPA
  • I have an Associates Degree from Hillsborough Community College in Business Administration and maintained a 3.58 GPA.

Background Experience

  • NET C# Web Forms, MVC, Web/Restful API
  • Visual Studio, MSSQL Server, Entity Framework
  • Transact-SQL, LINQ, Lambda Expressions
  • Front-end & Back-end Web Development
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Business Development
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Relationship Management
  • Agile/Scrum Methodologies
  • Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design, CSS
  • Development Operations (DevOps)
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Product/Project Management
  • Git Source Control
  • Cross Functional Leadership & Collaboration
  • Data Integration
  • Microservices
  • Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, HipChat
  • New Relic Services
  • Microsoft Azure (App Services, Functions, Logic Apps, Key Vaults, SQL Server, Storage, Queues, Event Grid, & more)
  • Google Cloud Platform, Cloudways, and Digital Ocean hosting providers
  • PowerShell, Python scripting languages
  • Digital Marketing & Automation
  • WordPress & Optimization
  • Google Workplace (formerly G Suite)
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
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