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The Digital Pivot I’m currently listening to “The Digital Pivot” by Eric Schwartzman and it’s definitely worth it!

Here’s the description from Amazon:

“Buy two, because you’ll never want to loan your copy. This is the “driver’s manual” you need for online marketing success: it’s practical, tactical, and up-to-date!” Jay BaerNew York Times Best Selling Author and founder of Convince & Convert

“Instead of paying for expensive advertising, any business can grow by creating content on the Web for free, building fans, and pointing people directly to somewhere they can buy. Eric teaches proven strategies to be effective in this new world and he shares fascinating stories of success to learn from.”David Meerman ScottWall Street Journal Best Selling author of 12 books including The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“Transitioning offline marketing to the digital world can be confusing and frustrating. That is, unless you read Eric’s insanely practical guide. The Digital Pivot makes digital marketing simple, accessible and practical for all.”Brian DeanBacklinko

“In a churning and fractured media landscape, The Digital Pivot provides an indispensable roadmap to not only navigate change, but to accelerate demand, leads and growth of your brand.”Simon Mainwaring, CEO & New York Times best selling author of We First

“If I need to vet a digital sales and marketing strategy, Eric Schwartzman is the first person I call. If you’re looking to pivot your business or career to digital, make this the first book you read.”

Description of The Digital Pivot

What’s the secret to driving demand, and generating leads and revenue online? What’s a digital transformation, and why do some companies succeed while others fail? And how do you stage a winning digital pivot?

In this book, Eric Schwartzman, bestselling author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer, explains what successful digital marketers do differently.

This is the inside track on how to pivot to digital marketing in four easy steps, so you can earn more and work less.We are living through a time of unprecedented migration, from analog to digital business practices.

Find out what it takes to stake your own claim online, so you can participate in the ever-growing digital economy, and get your share of the profits.

Through real world stories and numerous examples of digital marketing pivots told in easy-to-follow, nontechnical language, you’ll learn the secrets of what it really takes to be competitive online, so you can increase revenue, decrease costs, and control your future.

Drawing on his experience leading online marketing programs for clients such as Toyota, UCLA, Marine Corps, US Dept. of State, LA Opera, and dozens of small and midsize companies, Eric walks you step-by-step through the process of pivoting to digital marketing.

This all-in-one, practical playbook covers everything you need to know to about the people, processes, and technology that power a successful digital business, including:

  • Determining what customers want online
  • Choosing and setting-up the right software
  • Basics of search engine optimization
  • Driving demand with owned media
  • Growing your social media following
  • Generating leads with content marketing
  • Creating email campaigns that convert
  • Convert traffic into leads and revenue
  • Improving your conversion rates continuously

The Digital Pivot provides you with an overview of the pieces that make up the digital marketing puzzle so you can see the forest through the trees.If you’re ready to scale up and grow up, it’s time to find out everything you need to know to migrate your business and career online.

Your digital pivot starts right now!

Check it out on Amazon!

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