In my 20 years in technology, I can count on one hand how many people posses the raw technology and business savvy that Andrew possesses. Whether he is building an application, designing a web site, or installing a complex CRM application, he does it quickly, accurately, and with the best customer service skills around. He has an innate ability to hear business needs and apply them to technology. He thinks beyond where the normal technologist thinks, taking into consideration the marketing, sales, support, and real-world needs of the customer.

Whether it is mobile marketing, web development, hardware, database design, or application integration, he spans so many technologies that he is an ideal one-stop-shop for anyone who needs help with their business. He looks for innovative ways to solve problems with high-quality and low-costs.
AJ played a big role in finishing a proof-of-concept project under tight deadlines and changing requirements. He was able to move with agility on the project and provided good ideas to help improve and finish the project. Overall, AJ is a friendly, understanding and resourceful guy to work with and would be a good fit on many teams.
AJ is an awesome, unique talent. Super-smart, strong dev background, and a passion for the human side of technology. He offers a great combo of deep, varied technical experience and excellent relationship skills. I love that he shows up as a human being, and isn’t afraid to show his caring for other human beings. Definitely an asset to any team that is lucky enough to have him.
AJ always has his mind on the latest technologies and frameworks that are available. His motivation for finding new and intriguing solutions to the problems that we face in the technology industry definitely brings to light things that can easily be missed. He is a hard worker with many qualities that I found valuable while working together.
in the world of the interwebz, Andrew is 95% zOMG and only 5% n00b (we can't all be perfect).
and if you don't know what that means, then you should contact him. seriously. right now. stop reading this review and email him.
did you? because it's rare that you'll find a more thoughtful technology expert. he's intellectually curious beyond belief. it's the Andrew's of the world that actually make technology work.
stop reading this and contact him.
still here? ok, he's dedicated beyond belief. when we worked together, i asked for him to build stuff we'd never seen before. overnight. and he'd deliver.
you need to talk to this guy. just trust me.
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